Painless Way to Buy & Own Kindle in Malaysia

Have you ever wonder how did get started?

It was way back in 2011, when one of us ( SH) was finally getting his hand on this little eBook reader device called Kindle. That was a time when people still did eCommerce transaction by offline channels– you put up your product listings on the web, and if a buyer wants your product, you and him agree on to meet in real life for the transaction to happen.

We thought that there might be a better way to do this whole thing– why not just conclude the whole transaction over the Internet? In that way, the buyer and the seller don’t have to meet, and we all save our precious time!

So when this website was launched, with the believe of Painless Way to Buy & Own Kindle in Malaysia, we hope to give equal opportunity for all avid readers to experience the ease of finding their Love & Joy (aka books) in timely manner via Amazon Kindle eReader. We realize the idea and concepts presented here may be important, but they are secondary. They are no more than a signpost pointing toward realizing a better way to find our Joy & Love in a timely manner using Amazon Kindle eReader.

There are some of the questions raised: “How do I know that you are legit?”, “who are you and will you run off with my money?” etc etc. A lot of people seemed to think that we are scam.

In a way, the questions we received reflected the skepticism the general populace had back then on the eCommerce. Now, 8 years had passed, Amazon has still not yet shipped Amazon Kindle to Malaysia as Malaysians become more receptive towards eCommerce and online retailing. But this doesn’t mean that the trust issue with eCommerce had been fully resolved. And probably it never will be.

In fact, you shouldn’t really trust any sellers, be they online or offline.

How do you know that the seller will deliver as promised?

How do you know that the seller is willing to do warranty for you?

How do you know that the seller will not just kaput and disappear?

You honestly don’t. All you can do is to choose your seller wisely, based on his track record.

Meaning of Painless Way to Buy

As an eCommerce shop with 8 years of experience, we are pretty sure that we excel on this front. Throughout these years we served our kindle fans diligently. We don’t just help them with warranty, we actually claimed Kindle warranty on their behalf, all they have to do is to send the device to us and we will handle the rest. Kindle fans who buy from us can be rest assured that everything is well taken care of.

In fact our service is so legendary that kindle fans who bought from other sellers frequently approached us for warranty claim. And in one particular remarkable instance, that kindle fan came to us because his seller explicitly recommending us! Non-kindlemalaysia customers usually end up paying extra because of the shipping costs and other charges. Warranty claim eats into your profit margin, no wonder not many people are keen on doing it.

Meaning of Painless Way to Own

Yes, value added services. In terms of opening dedicated Amazon US, India, China and UK account for free, for our kindle fans.

In terms of enabling our kindle fans to buy ebooks from the above Amazon stores. For what good is a kindle, if you can’t use it to buy and read latest bestsellers? Not just painless way to buy a kindle, we also want our fans to have a painless way to fully utilize the device.

If you want to make full use of Kindle, being able to buy ebooks is definitely a must.

We believe that the Value Added Services that we provide is already more than sufficient to make up for the whatever price difference you may get at other places. Time is money; why waste time jump through the same hoops when you can leverage on our expertise and services?

We are community of avid readers, not a faceless entity

We have a phone number that you can speak to. Our voice is 100% originally human, not synthetic AI. You can call us, you can talk to us; we don’t have to communicate strictly through emails and instant messaging!

We are blessed to have Kindle Malaysia Fan office@Worq, UOA Business Park, Shah Alam, and you are welcome to visit us, to see and to feel the device before you commit. You need to be sure that you are getting authentic, working product before you buy.

We believe in providing values to all.

Even to those who don’t buy from us.

We provide Kindle Malaysia Club Membership to all. Members get to read 1 million free ebooks for only RM 10 per month.

We provide shopping guides as to which Amazon stores to buy ebooks from ( our current verdict: Amazon India has the cheapest price in general and a collection that can easily rival Amazon US , go with Amazon India!).

Amazon Kindle US, UK & India eBook Price Comparison
Amazon Kindle US, UK & India eBook Price Comparison

We write regularly to share with our fans what are the latest tips, tricks and news that they will find valuable.

We organize monthly Kindle Fan Gathering for kindle fans to socialize, to share books and to just learn from one another.

Kindle Malaysia Fans Gathering at Starbucks Reserve, The Gardens
Kindle Malaysia Fans Gathering at Starbucks Reserve, The Gardens

Not only that, we also do social good — we contribute to Tabung Harapan to do our part in nation building, and we support independent press. Doing good is good karma, plus, it makes us feel good!

Help us, to help the general reading population.

We will do our part to spread the Good News of Kindle and reading on ebook device, and to find cheaper source of ( legitimate) ebooks. And by supporting our business, you are helping many more to discover the joy of reading via kindle.

Before you go….

And, just in case you wonder, no, we don’t make an obscene amount of money. We are just making enough to sustain the business and to live by.