Some kindle Malaysia fans have been asking us lately: where is Fire TV, the latest offering from Amazon? And why we are not offering it the first thing Amazon put it up for sale?



Why indeed?

The reason is, Fire TV is just a gateway to Amazon services and other US-based streaming services such as netflix, hulu etc. We don’t want to offer a piece of hardware that you can hardly use. So we have to figure out how to get Malaysians to use Fire TV to enjoy the first class video streaming facilities offered by Amazon before we can really introduce it to our fellow Malaysians. We first ordered ourselves a copy of Fire TV, and we wanted to see whether it really works or not, and if it does, what is required to get it to work.

At the end of the day, we did manage to get it to work! Here are the screenshots:




And here’s a screenshot from G I Joe ( Recognize The Rock?)



We managed to stream videos from Amazon Prime, Amazon Instant Videos and also Netflix!

Amazon Prime and Instant Videos open up new form of entertainment to Malaysians. Now, for those who want to try something new besides RTM programs and Astro programs, you have a third choice: Amazon Prime and Instant Videos. I know, I know, you can always download the latest episode from torrents and ppstream, for free. But I personally would eschew torrents and ppstreams and the likes due to ideological reasons: I want to pay the content producers they due. So, if you are like me, then Fire TV and Amazon streaming service is something that you can consider!

How to get it to work?

To setup Fire TV so that you can watch Amazon Prime videos,  here are things that you will need to do:

  1. Get Fire TV and Ways2US router from here.
  2. Setup with Plug & Play User Guide (1,2 & 3) to Start.
  3. Enjoy to watch Amazon Instant Prime Videos (if you subscribe to Amazon Prime here) or free instant videos in Malaysia!