About eReader Malaysia Club

kindlemalaysia.com is founded by Ngu Soon Hui and co-founded Tan Wee Khien to provide Malaysia Kindle Fans with painless way to buy & own Kindle, the ebook reader from Amazon. Kindle Malaysia Team is formed under Quantum Gadgets Sdn Bhd registered with SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) No: 1105767-K and GST Account No: 001844215808.

Kindle Malaysia Team organised Malaysia Kindle Fans Rendezvous yearly with an independent voice and not affiliated with Amazon.com. For reasons known only to Amazon, Kindle is not shipped to Malaysia, Singapore, or other South East Asia countries. As such, to get the device one would have to go to elaborate ways to obtain the device. Or one can find if it is sold on ebay or lowyat.

Kindle Malaysia Fans Rendezvous 2011

1st Kindle Malaysia Fans Rendezvous 2011

It is hoped that with kindlemalaysia.com, one can just buy a kindle as painlessly, easily and seamlessly as you can imagine. No shipping charge, fuel surcharge, tax charges, hidden charges and what not. The price you see is the price you get. Period.

Not only that, we strive to bring first class facility to Malaysia. This means that for the customers who purchase from us, they will get our complementary service to register an Amazon Account to buy free digital products. Knowing that buying ebooks, movies, apps and games from Amazon store is difficult in Malaysia, we also make it our mission to help our customers so that they digital experience purchase  (i.e ebooks) Amazon is as painless as possible.

We care about giving our customers total experience in owing the kindle devices and the ecosystem associated with it, and we also care about making kindlemalaysia.com as the future compass for Malaysians. In fact we would argue that the success of kindlemalaysia.com shouldn’t rest on how much it makes annually, but rather how good we are at fulfilling the above two objectives. Quite a loud talk by two humble guys, I know :), but the customers must judge whether we succeed in this or not.

If you feel that this is all a scam, read this post, or if you want to know what about other customers say about us, read here.