Is this a scam?

Since the inception of, I have received a lot of queries about the trustworthiness of our enterprise. “Is it a scam”? “Can I believe you to be legit”? “Would you run away with my money”? “How can I be sure that I will get the goods after paying the money”? “I had bad experiences on lowyat/ eBay, how can I trust any forms of online transaction”? All these questions are just too common, especially in a country that is ladden in credit card fraud. The implication of this is that, we, too, are suspected, or worse, guilty until proven innocent.

How can I prove that this is not a scam?

First of all, we are operating an ecommerce site– and we invest heavily into it. Building a pretty website, with all the backend functionality, plus heavy Google Adwords advertising just to scam a few hundreds out of people is a hugely unprofitable exercise. Not to mention that there aren’t many book readers in Malaysia.

While you are here, take your time to look at all the pages, the posts and the tips, they are original, they are not simply copied and pasted from elsewhere; they are written by me, yes, that’s yours truly.   Some of them, especially this one,  contains personal experience. Not only that, we strive to be 100% transparent when comes to the user rights and concern. One such example is the warranty policy, we disclose everything we know, even though it might potentially hurt sales. Every shop or salesman worth his salt would not be so blunt as to mention explicitly that the claiming of warranty  has to be chiefly carried out by the buyer as opposed to the shop.

The reason we do this is clear; we want our users to know their rights, and the situation they are in. We do not want to give empty promises to our users only to break them later. We don’t want to lie to them, giving a false hope that warranty is just a petty issue only to realize that there are hidden charge when claiming the warranty later.  

Our technical support is swift, and knowledgeable, it’s because we really love books, and we want this business to succeed. We are in for a long term. Any effort to collect quick bucks and run isn’t scalable; we are better off by providing honest service and building up our reputation.

And of course, if you don’t really like us, you can use the new facebook comment on our webpage to write anything you want. That would deal a deep blow to our image.  If you have a blog and you feel that you are mistreated, great! Just blog about us, tell the world about the misdeeds we do, and will be on the front page of Google as the poster child of scammy websites.

Let me finish this post by telling a  bit of stories. I was out to deliver the Kindle to a customer in SS2 last week. When he got his kindle, his eyes filled with gleam. He told me, in moving tone that he didn’t anticipate that he would get Kindle here in Malaysia(!), and he thanked me very much for it.  He was by no means the only one; a lot of people, after getting their kindles, wrote to me to express their gratitude towards us. When I first started this business,I never thought that a small selfish act ( I started this business to learn about ecommerce, but that’s the content for another post) would bring so much meaning to other people and add so much values to the Malaysia society. It makes me feel that I am really doing good things to the society.

I feel that I am on a mission: to bring Kindles to Malaysians, and to liberated the knowledge that are previously unattainable by many because physical books are just too messy to ship around. I hope that I can continue this business, until the day I needn’t to– the day when Amazon finally ships Kindles to Malaysia.

That would be the day when Malaysia is risen to the Flatland of the World.