Thank you Kindle Malaysia Fans for all your feedback.

The services provided by Kindle Malaysia is simply fantastic and professional. I am truly.impressed! Good Job, Madam Teoh !


I have done my first purchase using my Kindle, the book was downloaded directly to the machine within a few minutes and with just a few steps to get it done. It is so easy and simple as what you have been said in your webpage, “painless”. I just love it. Thank you for your great service. It is very much appreciated.

Matthew Teow

Yes, I just received it and it’s black. Wow, that’s fast service! ( After receiving a replacement case)

WK Pang

I tried my kindle and it seems that everything in order.
Thank you for your continuous and fast response and I really grateful.
So far I’m really enjoy using this kindle and fully satisfied with your services.
Safaai deris

KindleMalaysia is the safest fastest way to own a Kindle here in Kuala Lumpur!!! And if you are not familiar with the settings and quirks you need to make in order to safely buy Amazon Kindle books, their customer service can help you set up your account too!!! Great job guys!!


Purchased a Paperwhite with no problems whatsoever.

Got the device in good condition and the complimentary service works.

Thanks, Kindle M’sia 🙂

Ahmad Naqiuddin

(For creating an Amazon account that can buy ebooks)Thank You It Works!

Azrin Zubir

Hi Guys,

A quick email to say ‘Thank-You’. I truly appreciate your help in claiming for a replacement kindle. The process was simple,effective and efficient.


Andy May

Andy May

(On gift card and ebook purchase)Thanks Kindle Malaysia for the best support


James Wong

Hi there, I just wanted to say thanks very much for the delivery of our Kindle. We registered it effortlessly to our existing kindle account which shows its the real deal. Thank you very much for providing this service for people in Malaysia, deprived of this fab piece of technology. Regards

Anne McConaghy

The technical support is awesome! I can now enjoy all the collections from Amazon, like any other US readers. Prompt + effective = great after sales service.

Kartika Sari Mursaid

Did’t know that your shop was just about one week old when I placed an order at your site. I guess I could be your 1st customer. Very efficient and professional service that you’ve provided


I should thank you for providing this service. Wouldn’t dream of getting hold of one if I didn’t encounter your site. I am really excited about this device and I am sure it is the same for the other book lovers

Michael Fork

I could buy a book directly from the kindle!!! No questions asked! Thank you so much. If I have another question, I’ll contact you. For now, you’ve really made my trip so much fun!

Rodrigo (Mexico)

i’m really satisfied with my kindle…
thank you guys for your kindness, for making kindle available to Malaysia residents.

Alireza Shirazie Khaste

KindleMalaysia is a fantastic idea. The management of Kindle Malaysia were very helpful with getting me my Kindle Touch in time for Christmas. There were some delays from USA with couriers etc but KindleMalaysia kept everybody up to date and apologised on behalf of their US compatriots. I was a little sceptic when I first saw the website however reading other people’s reviews and also receiving garrantee from KindleMalaysia I went ahead with order and never looked back. I am so happy to be recommending this company for Kindle products that I now have orders from my friends in Australia ordering through KindleMalaysia to receive their kindle’s in Aus. Go ahead and order, you won’t be disappointed with KindleMalaysia’s service. I’m also very happy with my Kindle Touch. It’s great and no problems downloading books

Jason Harrington

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