Yup, you can now buy Kindle here in Malaysia, even though it’s Amazon policy not to ship to Malaysia. This section is devoted to answering some of the common questions asked.

What is Kindle?
Kindle is a thin, lightweight, electronic reading device that you can take anywhere and download your favorite book, newspaper, or magazine from Amazon.com. It was created by the net’s largest bookseller, Amazon.com. 

What format does Kindle device support?
Amazon Kindle only allows you to transfer 10 x file formats including Microsoft Word (.DOC, .DOCX), HTML, RTF, JPEG (.JPEG, .JPG), Kindle Format (.MOBI*, .AZW), GIF, PNG, BMP, PDF. You may easily learn more here https://www.amazon.com/gp/sendtokindle/

On the other hand, you may easily transfer over 20 x file formats including *ePub*, PDFs, Mobi, etc. into your BOOX Android eReader using WiFi Transfer as shown above and here 

Why I should buy from you? Can’t I get it direct from Amazon?

Nope. Amazon doesn’t ship to Malaysia. You can go to the Amazon homepage here and try to select your country as Malaysia. It would tell you that Amazon won’t ship to Malaysia, for the reason only known to them.

How can you sell Kindle if Kindle can’t be shipped to Malaysia? 

It’s not that Kindle can’t be shipped to Malaysia; it’s just that Amazon won’t ship to Malaysia, but plenty of others will. So what we do is that we get a middleman in the US to buy kindles for us, and have him to ship to Malaysia. This is how we get our devices.

The price is more expensive here than the one shown in Amazon homepage!

Indeed it is, this is because to get the device from U.S to here requires one to pay shipping cost, fuel surchages and taxes, not to mention that one needs to pay the middlemen to get the shipping done. So this invariably drives up the cost.

Why there are only a few products? What if I want other versions of the Kindle?

Glad to hear that! If you want other versions of Kindle, just drop us a line and we will arrange it for you.

Why there are so many products? What are the differences? 

Read here for more information.

How ( or where) to buy?

Read here for more details.

When can I get the device?

We practice next day delivery. You can expect to get the device the next working day if you live in Klang Valley. Outside Klang Valley it may take 2-3 working days, depending on pos laju speed.

Go to Facebook.com/KindleMalaysia, like the page to receive RSVP to Kindle Malaysia Fans Rendezvous 2012. For the benefit of ALL Kindle Malaysia Fans, FREE delivery anywhere to your door step within Malaysia is available for the absolute convenience of Kindle Malaysia Fans who placed orders online.

Do I have to pay shipping cost or credit card charges?

No, we’ll eat all the shipping cost and credit card charges.

Do you have shops? Because I am more comfortable buying the thing in the shop

Yes, you may drop by Kindle Malaysia Fan office at Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam here

I live outside Malaysia, can I buy?

Yes, you may enjoy immediate next 5 – 10 working days free delivery to Indonesia & Brunei here

But, I’m living in Singapore!

Sorry, we don’t ship to Singapore as well.

 I am living in Sabah and Sarawak, can I buy?

Sure! We do ship to Sabah and Sarawak, after all, they are a part of Malaysia right? (Just for the record, Malaysia was established in year 1963, not 1957; 1957 was the year Malaya achieved independence)

How do I buy books from Amazon?

Due to that Amazon isn’t shipping to Malaysia, you can’t buy books directly. However with a little ingenuity you can still get the ebook. Here are the steps  you can follow in order to buy books from Amazon.  Another method you can try this is this  here .

Do you sell Kindle usb cable, or adapter, or Kindle Charger?

The cable, usb charger, or adapter that is necessary for a Kindle to operate for a long time ship together with the Kindle device. But we don’t sell any of these independently, yet.

After the 30 days of Kindle Unlimited trial, instead of $9.99 per month, why is the renewal only about RM10 per month from Kindle Malaysia Club Library. How does this work?
Kindle Malaysia Club Library is borne out of true Malaysian ingenuity to leverage/harness the full benefit Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription at Malaysian price of RM10.60 per month. It is made possible by sharing the subscription with 9 other like minded Kindle Malaysia Fans of your choice. You may learn more here

Will the selection of books be the same under Kindle Malaysia Club Library?
As stated here, you have full access to all Kindle eBooks offered under Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription despite of any Kindle Malaysia Club Membership group you choose.

Will the subscription include Unlimited Listening?
As stated here, Yes, you will enjoy Unlimited Listening from Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

Why do I need to purchase the Gift Card from Kindle Malaysia first before being able to purchase it on my own?
As stated here, for the 1st time Kindle Malaysia will assist you to apply for dedicated US Debit Card on your behalf to enable you to have your own valid US Debit Card & valid US Billing Address under your  own name when you attempt to make your 1st Paid Kindle eBook purchase from your Kindle device in Malaysia.

Only upon successfully buying your 1st Kindle eBook, you may proceed redeem Amazon Gift Card top up claim code into your Kindle device directly. This measure is taken to ensure & prevent any possible loss of Amazon Gift Card value in the event that your Amazon.com (US) account is put on-hold by Amazon due to suspicion of money laundering. In recent years, Malaysia has been on high alert for money laundering activities involving high profile politicians.

Why do I need to create an Amazon MY account first to buy new Gift Card top up in USD? 
As stated here, you may enjoy buying GST free Amazon Gift Card with your own Malaysia Credit Card on a separate Amazon.com (MY) account.

Why would my Amazon US account be put on-hold by Amazon should I log in to my Amazon Account from other devices?
Your Amazon.com (US) account is registered by Kindle Malaysia in US. Any sudden login into the Amazon.com from any other devices outside of US (including in Malaysia) will trigger suspicion of identity theft. Hence, your Amazon.com (US) account may be put on hold until you are able to prove that the US Debit Card belongs to you in US.

How do I access my Kindle eBook purchases from other devices e.g. laptop?
As stated here, you may access all your Kindle eBooks bought from Amazon.com via Kindle across all devices using Amazon Kindle Reading App. You may download the app for Free.

How do I check if my Amazon US account is on-hold?
You will be prevented from login to your Amazon.com from your web-browser even after multiple attempts to change your Amazon.com Account password.

What does on-hold mean?
It means you will be placed on hold indefinitely until Amazon completes investigation into your Account. You will be barred from accessing over 4.3 Million Kindle eBooks from Amazon.com around the world. Your kindle device will be rendered “useless”. You will not be able to download & read for free over 100,000 of Free Kindle eBooks from Amazon.com. The only use possible is to transfer Kindle supported file format (PDF, unprotected MOBI, PRC, Kindle Format 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT natively; HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP) via USB Cable.

Why I cannot use my own Malaysia Credit Card to buy eBooks directly from Amazon Kindle Store?
Yes you can use your Malaysia credit card and Malaysian billing address to buy eBooks from Amazon Kindle Store if you are contented with having up to 70% less eBooks to choose and pay up to 40% higher eBook price. You may learn more here.

I have more questions! Where can I ask?

You can contact us via email admin@kindlemalaysia.com, or you can use the contact form to contact us.