Breath in the Amazon Digital Ecosystem

By Amazon, I don’t mean the lushly Amazon rainforest

Amazon rainforest

I mean the website, earth biggest ecommerce website. Surely you have heard of the websites, and you are awed by the breath and depth of digital offerings they have, such as kindle ebooks, Amazon Instant Videos, Amazon musics and apps, but because of the overwhelming selection Amazon has, it confuses you and you don’t know where to start.

To make things simple, we would like to divide the people into 3 “Amazonian” expertise level– a measure of how familiar/entrenched you are with the Amazon digital ecosystem. The further up the ladder you are on, the more expert you are in the Amazon ecosystem.

The beginner: The ebooks

If you are new, you can start with ebooks. Get Kindle yourself a Kindle ereader, and start buying ebooks from Amazon’s bookstore using Amazon Gift Card bought from  Kindle Malaysia, in USD, Great British Pounds (GBP) or Indian Rupees (INR) and start reading in 60 seconds or less. You are now officially on the path to become an Amazon convert!


The Intermediate: read comics, magazines and browse Internet on Amazon tablet

Next up the level, an Amazon multimedia tablet. Amazon kindle fire is a perfect medium for you to read comics, magazines and browse Internet leisurely. With freetime feature, you can now let your kids enjoy their time with the tablet, with moderation. At this stage, you are fairly well indulged in the Amazon ecosystem, and you will be amazed to find that Amazon is not just the place where you can get go at the ebooks, it is also a place where you can read comics and magines, play musics, play apps and even watch movies.


The Ninja: Enjoy Amazon Prime free movies and Paid Amazon Instant Videos on your TV

Next up the ladder is the Fire TV.

For now, you can enjoy 40,000 free movies from Amazon Prime subscription; if you are not satisfied, there are many more at Amazon Instant Video selection! All you need is a FireTV+WaystoUS router+Amazon Prime subscription.

We the owners are the Ninja of Amazon digital ecosystem ( of course), which level of Amazon Initiate you are at?