Yesterday we talked about whether an avid reader should consider Kindle Unlimited ( answer: it’s varies, you have to read the whole post to make up your mind). Nonetheless, it is a wonderful experience to be able to bring whole library with Millions of eBooks into our home for the first time. In Malaysia, we would certainly not like to be left out of this wonderful experience akin to wining a lottery ticket for avid readers.

Today, we would like to introduce a new service for our fellow Malaysians: eReader Fan Club Library.


To enjoy Kindle Unlimited alongside like minded avid readers across Malaysia, all you have to do is to go here, select eReader Fans Group that you like to have coffee together, and checkout, and we will email guide (Telephone & Video Call if necessary) to start enjoying eReader Fan Club Library in Malaysia. It’s that simple.

So why not give it a try?

Oh wait, we have to do some Q&A first:

Great! I want to subscribe, so what is the “qualification”?

Make sure that you have a valid Amazon account setup by us. This is the prerequisite. You can get such an account by either

  1. Purchase a kindle device from OR
  2. Subscribe to the Kindle Malaysia Club Library here, in order to have your own new dedicated (US) Account registered in US by Kindle Malaysia on your behalf.

You should be able to buy kindle eBooks prior to subscribing to Kindle Unlimited; read here for more information on how to do so.

Why do I need to subscribe through Can’t I do it myself at the Amazon webpage?

Yes, you can subscribe the Kindle Unlimited yourself at Amazon webpage, if and only if you have a valid US credit card– even US debit card won’t help here because Kindle Unlimited is a recurring subscription.

Due to US Patriot Act, it’s quite difficult for non-US citizens or residents to get a US credit card. So you may want to ring up your relatives in the US to lend you one of his credit card, just make sure that you don’t burst his limits and you repay him on time, or else he will scream at you, knock you down and severe all the relationship with you.

If you don’t have any relatives in the US, then then joining eReader Fan Club Library from is the best way to go.

From what I check, the 12 month Kindle Unlimited costs only USD 119.88 on Amazon website, but you sell it at a whopping RM 500! You bloodsuckers! Leechers! You are the worst kind of capitalists that I know of, I want to launch a class struggle against you!!

It really makes us happy that at this age, there are people who still read Karl Marx and know a thing or two about “class struggle”, “capitalists” and all sorts of bombastic words.

To set the record straight, we do not earn outrageous commission from selling the Kindle Unlimited subscription. All comparison of price needs to take into account of the currency conversion, and everyone knows that today Ringgit Malaysia is in a Free fall state against USD ( 1 usd vs. 3.60 RM as of 11/2/2015). If you want to know why we are paying a lot of money for the imported goods, go and ask our PM cum Financial Minister. But I guess he won’t be responding to you because he is too busy gleefully watching his opponent in the jail or  fencing off the enemy inside his own party or playing golf with Mr. Obama. Whatever.

Secondly, our credit card processor levies a sort of currency conversion fees on us, the merchant, on top of the usual credit card processing fees ( up to 5%). “Big credit card companies have everything automated! So why still need to charge so much?!” Good question, we wonder too.

Third, it takes some work to get the Kindle Unlimited gift card code, make sure your account is in good standing with Amazon ( so that your account won’t get blocked after applying your gift card code), send you the gift card code, support you just in case you don’t know how to apply it etc etc. Maybe there is someone out there who would want to do this work for free– a saint who doesn’t need to eat, maybe— but we are sorry that we are unable to. Because like you said, we are the bloodsucking capitalists :).

Anymore questions? No more? Good, then why not give Kindle Unlimited a try?

Wait! I still have more!! Who shall us contact?

Easy, email us at