Some kindle fans have been puzzled when we said that we will offer them a valid Amazon US account as a complementary service to buying a kindle device.

“As long as I update the Country Settings in my Amazon account to US, that is already considered a US Amazon account, right”? What is so valuable about the service?

Actually, the fans only get half of the truth.

To be sure, setting the Country Setting to US is only one half of the job.

The other half is… you will need to have a valid US credit/debit card.

USD debit card

Without which you can only have a very incomplete access to the kindle store. Which means that you are going to miss out a majority of the selection (up to 65%).

To test the matter, we create two accounts; one with US debit card, another with Malaysia credit card, and both have the country settings point to the US. This is the result of our findings:

Finding 1:The kindle selection is limited for invalid Amazon US account

The kindle selection is vastly limited for an invalid Amazon US account.

Finding 2: No free ebooks to download

I know, 1 cent ebook is still a huge bargain, but when we are looking for free ebooks, even 1 cent is also too much, right?

For Kindle fans who get their device from us, rest assure that your account will always be the real US Amazon account; we are here to offer you painless ways to buy kindle ebooks just like your relatives in the US!