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What is new about Amazon Gift Card in Malaysia?

  1. Amazon Gift Card allows Kindle Malaysia Fan to make paid eBook purchases from their Amazon Kindle Store in US, India, United Kingdom or Japan with 1-click button from your Amazon Kindle eReader device directly in Malaysia. No VPN required. Kindle Malaysia Fans only need to buy Amazon Gift Card from Kindle Malaysia to practice using Amazon Gift Card in Malaysia. For cheaper price, even for new releases (as shown below) especially for returning Kindle Malaysia Fans, you may buy New Amazon Gift Card in Indian Rupees here. You may easily sign up to become Kindle Malaysia Fan here or when you place your order for New eReader from or, MyChameleon@BSC/Publika. Cheaper-Price,-even-for-New-Books---Simon-Sinek-Infinite-Game
  2. Subsequently, you may buy new Amazon Gift Card top up in USD with your own Malaysian Credit Card & Malaysia Billing Address from your existing (MY) Account here.  As of Apr 30, 2020, the exchange rate for Amazon Gift Card is USD 1 to MYR4.41. Hence, RM441 + US Debit Application Fee RM39 + 4% Payment Gateway Processing Fee RM20 = RM500
  3. Your virtual Amazon Gift Card in USD has no expiry date and will be emailed from with simple steps to redeem the Amazon Gift Card claim code into your Amazon Kindle device directly. On the contrary, Amazon Gift Cards in India Rupees, including any unused Gift Card balances, will expire one year from the date of issuance.

Is it Worth for Malaysian?

  1. This Amazon Gift Card in USD from Kindle Malaysia is required only for 1st time. For existing Kindle Malaysia Fans, Kindle Malaysia will ensure that Amazon Account specialist will never bother you to verify your US Billing Address in your Amazon Account. You may attempt to make your first & one (1) Paid Purchase from your Kindle device in Malaysia (without VPN) only after 2 days (48 hours) from your date receiving your Amazon Gift Card. If your Paid eBook did not appear in your Home Screen after 60 seconds, please email Please DO NOT perform multiple purchase attempts on the same paid eBook.
  2. Only upon successfully downloaded your 1st paid eBook purchase with 1-Click button from your Kindle device, you may buy more eBooks with remaining Amazon Gift Card balance or redeem New Amazon Gift Card.
  3. For recurring subscriptions (i.e. Amazon Prime Membership, magazines and newspapers), you may subscribe  to Amazon Prime Memberships here and Amazon Kindle Unlimited here.


  1. Upon depleting both your Amazon Gift Card & US Debit Card balance to negative, your Amazon Account will be prevented from purchasing any ebooks from Amazon store. If that happens, please contact Kindle Malaysia at
  2. To ensure painless way to use Amazon Gift Card for existing Kindle Malaysia Fans, Kindle Malaysia offers service to register New (US, UK, India, Japan or China) Account on your behalf when you join Kindle Malaysia Club Library.  This service is free to all Kindle Malaysia Fans who buys Amazon Kindle from Kindle Malaysia. If you wish to enjoy this service, you are welcome to join Kindle Malaysia Club library to enjoy reading for Free over 1.8 Million Kindle eBooks from  Amazon Kindle Unlimited along with like-minded Kindle Malaysia Fans from RM10 per month here.

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