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Specially for existing eReader Malaysia Club Fans or any eReaders Fans who ordered Kindle or BOOX eReaders from or
For non-eReader Malaysia Club Fans, you are must join eReader Malaysia Club as a new eReader Fan here

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What is Dedicated Unlimited Gift for Malaysians?

  1. Dedicated Unlimited Gift is for existing eReader Malaysia Club fans to enjoy Read For Free over 2 Million eBooks on dedicated basis based on the
    • period from your date of sign up (6 months or 12 months)  and
    • Kindle Store country of your choice (US or India).
  2. Min RM15/month renewal is NOT compulsory after expiry. You may continue to use your own dedicated Amazon Account to buy paid Kindle eBooks with Amazon Gift Cards easily here.

Is Dedicated Unlimited Gift Worth it for Malaysian?

  1. You will be able to enjoy download & read for free twenty (20) eBooks from Unlimited Library at any one time and on as many devices allowed by the eBook publisher.
  2. You will be able to keep all Bookmarks, notes, and highlights in your own dedicated Amazon Account with the need to sign out.
  3. You can enjoy Unlimited eBooks and your own paid Kindle eBooks from  your own dedicated Amazon Account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I be able to enjoy this dedicated Unlimited Gift service AFTER my existing Amazon Account has been put on hold? 
A. No. You will not be able to enjoy this service from existing Amazon Account that has been placed on hold. In other words, you will not be able to redeem this gift when you see this message: Your current digital account setting does not allow you to subscribe for Kindle Unlimited on Please contact customer service to learn about Kindle Unlimited availability in your local Amazon website. To witness how thousands of like-minded avid eReader Malaysia Fans join forces together to enjoy this forbidden fruit, you may join eReader Malaysia Club Library here.

Q: How can I buy paid eBooks outside of Unlimited Gift?
A: You can by redeeming your own Amazon Gift Card claim code into your eReader Fan Club library account and Amazon will deduct your Amazon Gift Card balance in your dedicated account to buy your desired paid eBook. You may buy new Amazon Gift Card claim code easily with your own Malaysia Credit Card from eReader Malaysia Club here.

Q. Will my new dedicated Amazon Account registered for my behalf by eReader Malaysia Club be put on hold?
A. Yes. Your own dedicated Amazon Account is subject to terms of use by Amazon. Amazon pays well attentions on profitable behaviors of its users such as buying paid Kindle eBooks with Amazon Gift Cards regularly.

For more information about Kindle Unlimited, visit Amazon help page and email

How to Buy

  1. Credit Card Payment via iPay88 or PayPal (You don't need to register an account with PayPal),
  2. Direct Bank Debit to Maybank Account: 512884073438 (Quantum Gadgets Sdn Bhd) and email to or whatsapp to us at 0124652232

Additional information

Unlimited Gift

Kindle India (6 months), Kindle India (6 months) + INR1,000 Gift Card, Kindle US (6 months), Kindle US (12 months)


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