You want to give your kids premium tablets, but you don’t want to give them a too expensive one.

You want your kid’s tablet to have kid-friendly font design and color, and you want their homescreen to look kid-friendly.

You want to let your kids read colorful story books on tablets, but you don’t want them to wander off reading colorful news on the Internet

You want to let your kids enjoy games in their spare time, but you don’t want them to do that during church service, dinner time and bedtime.

You want to limit their screen time and you are frustrated because none of the iPads and Samsung tablets can do just that.

Well, Amazon has a solution for you– in the form of Kindle FreeTime on Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX! And you can use all the feature described below in Malaysia. 


What can Kindle Fire HD & Kindle Fire HDX do for your kids and your family?

Screen Limits– so that you can have quality time with your kids, again.

Don’t want your kids to interact with tablets at inappropriate time? Screen limits is your friend



Having quality time with your kids is important, however, with the prevalence of tablets and smart phones and TVs, it becomes harder and harder for parents to have quality interaction with kids. Kindle Fire HD & HDX is here to restore the balance.

Not only that, Learn First and Bed Time features extend FreeTime’s existing Daily Time Limit controls. You can block access to games and cartoons until after educational goals are met and set when FreeTime may be used. With this feature, you can teach your kids on putting first thing first, and the lesson of delay gratification.


Reading takes precedence over gaming and cartoons

We all know that reading is good for kids, but we also know that most of the time, kids would prefer gaming and cartoons over reading.

With Freetime, you can easily set the reading time as long as you like, and curtail the gaming and cartoon time. Your kids might hate you at first, but as they grow up, they would thank you.


time limits

Kid friendly theme

Not all tablets are built with kids in mind– this is evident when you look at their background color and fonts on their homescreen.

But Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX with FreeTime turns the tablet’s homescreen into something visually appealing for kids, as you can see below:



Individual Profiles for different kids

Imagine if you have 2 kids, one 10 years old, another 5. You certainly want them to have their own collection of books, games and movie. You also don’t want them to overuse their share of tablet time at the expense of their siblings. With Kindle Freetime individual profile, you can do just that.



 Control what your kids can access, and what they can’t.

Amazon App store and Instant videos are just wonderful because they are just so full of resources. You can find almost anything, if you know where to look. While this is good for adults, this may not be too good for kids.

With Freetime, you can control what your kids can access, and what they can’t by manually gifting your kids the contents in your library. In other words, they can’t simply wander off and grab anything they want at the App Store.

control content


Also, Internet can be quite a dangerous place for kids, so you might want to block it at kids profile. It’s up to you.


Kindle Fire HD  are truly premium kid-friendly tablets at non-premium price. With the onslaught of vast arrays of multimedia entertainment and latest gadgets, we, as the owners of and as adults who are  concerned about kids ( inproper) usage of tablets, feel that there must be a change in our parenting strategy. Shutting out electronics tablets from kids is no longer feasible. Instead, we should maximize the benefits of electronics tablets and minimize the downsides. Kindle Fire HD with Kindle FreeTime is by far the best choice we have.

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