Unlike insurance companies, charitable organisations & your employers who will mail in our insurance receipts, donation receipts & EA forms, finding our book receipts/tax invoice is more like a hit or miss affair. It’s a very tedious thing to keep all the book receipts in one place. So a lot of people end up not claiming tax relief for book purchase at all. Which is quite a pity; granted, the total amount one can claim for book tax relief is only RM 1,000 per year, but we still should get back our money, especially when we know very well that our taxes have a high chance of being misused by the government, shouldn’t we?

[Updated Mar 29, 2022] Amazon Kindle eReader, BOOX Android eReaders, Kobo eReaders, eInk Monitors,  qualifies for [PENJANA Tax Reliefs] Individual income tax exemption of up to RM2,500 and Special individual income tax relief of up to RM2,500 from Now – Dec 31, 2022. 

[Updated Oct 23, 2016] All purchase of Kindle e-Reader Device, Kindle eBook reading materials, eMagazines, PCs, tablets, sports equipment are being combined as lifestyle tax relief up to RM2,500 from 2017.
[Updated Mar 15, 2018] All paid eBook purchases in USD, Indian Rupees or Renminbi can be converted to Ringgit Malaysia using average conversion rate of the month of purchase. For example, if you have bought an eBook priced USD1 in June 2017, the conversion is USD1 to MYR4.2673
Malaysia Budget 2017, Purchase of reading materials, computers and sports equipment will be combined as the lifestyle tax relief up to RM2,500 per year.

Malaysia Budget 2017, Purchase of reading materials, computers and sports equipment will be combined as the lifestyle tax relief up to RM2,500 per year.

When tax filing period comes, we would scuffle through our books bought last year in hope of finding a receipt in between the pages. We would be lucky to find some receipts from the heap of books with dusts on top. Sometimes, we might even have trouble finding or remembering the books we have bought last year, and that’s assuming that we have read them in the first place. For those books we bought but never come to read them, good luck in finding the receipts; the books and the receipts are most likely being stuffed in a God-know-where corner! In some other cases, we might have borrowed our books–along with the receipts– to our friends and when they return the books ( assuming they do, but many won’t), they forget to return the receipts. After all, who really cares about a tiny sheet of accounting paper clipped inside a 500 page novel?

Now it begs the question of why bookstores companies do not email us the book receipts. They (i.e. Popular, MPH, Book Excess, Times, etc.) care to swam us with emails of new book promotions, vouches, rebates, etc. from time to time which we DON’T NECESSARILY WANT ( if you are bookstore employers, take note of this and fix this practice immediately, thank you very much) They never email us our book receipts, which we definitely NEED. Talk about screwed priority, this is it.

Fortunately, keeping and finding book receipts / tax invoices for Amazon Kindle ebooks is simple as tabbing here to www.amazon.com/orders. Here we offer you a guide on how you can retrieve your Amazon ebook receipts in one single place. Easy and fast. You don’t have to scramble high and low just to retrieve the book receipts anymore, neither do you have to contact your long lost friend who borrowed your books and hoped that he could give you back the receipts. Everything is in your Amazon account!

  1. Tab “Filter orders”

  1. Select “Digital Order” and “2015”

  1. All your 2015 eBooks Tax Receipt appears in front of you (Phew…we have made 276 orders in 2015 totalling USD 995)

To aid keeping your books receipts as supporting documents for tax relief purpose, it is important to ensure that your name is spelled correctly. To ensure this,

  1. Tab 1-Click Settings.

  2. Enter your correct Name & Billing Address.