To enjoy Buying Latest Kindle eBooks Cheap in Malaysia from Amazon Kindle Store India, [Update Sep 2021] you may contact Kindle Malaysia (or a friend/relative in India) to help register your New dedicated (India) account in India in the following steps 1, 2 & 3.

  1. Go to Create Account here. Enter (a) Your Name, (b) Malaysia Mobile Number, (c) Email Address & Password. You will be required to verify your mobile number with a 6 digit code.
  2. Go to your Manage Your Content and Devices, choose Settings, then Country Settings. Click/tab on Change button. Enter the following details. After that, click/tab, Update button.

    Address Line 1: University of Mumbai,
    Address Line 2: M.G. Road, Fort,
    Town/City: Mumbai
    State: Maharashtra
    Pincode: 400032
  3. After 48 hours, upon registering your new (India) Account into your Amazon Kindle device in Malaysia, you may go to Store from your Kindle device to choose any desired Kindle eBook by tabbing Buy for ₹???. You may tab on ENTER GIFT CARD OR PROMO CODE in India Rupees to complete your eBook purchase.

Note: You may contact Amazon India customer support via instant chat messaging here . Be courteous and be kind to Amazon Customer Support.
For example,

Hi [Amazon Customer Support Actual Name], good day to you. I enjoyed my New Amazon Kindle eReader a lot even while being quarantined outside of country due to COVID-19. Nonetheless, I would appreciate your kind assistance to kindly reset my eBook purchase limit during this difficult period so that I could more buy more Kindle eBooks while being quarantined outside of country.