We had a wonderful gathering last Saturday, at Balanga Cafe.

kindle Malaysia fan rendezvous 2014

The first session was my opening speech, and I introduced myself as the CFO.

“What does CFO stand for?” I asked the crowd. Some shouted “Chief Financial Officer”! Well, that makes sense, in any enterprise– be it social or for profit– needs a financial support right?

But I would like to introduce myself as the Chief Futuristic Officer. Let me explain.

We live in the present, but  our hope lies in the future. What really sustains mankind in the face of great present travesty and hardship is the hope for the future. We hope that even if our current condition is bad and is completely unbearable, our perseverance will bear fruits and we will be rewarded in the future. Hope for the future is the thing that propels us and moves us. Without the future, there is no point to do whatever we are doing now. If you feel that your job, your activity now won’t contribute a ding to your future, maybe you should pause and really ask yourself why on earth you are doing it.

So, for kindlemalaysia.com, I don’t see it as a for-profit enterprise. Rather, I see it as a social project to prepare Malaysians for the future.

Paperbooks are things of the past– and they are also not environmental friendly. Welcome to ebooks! Yes, the future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed. We want to make it evenly distributed.

RTM, Astros are things of the past; it’s time to watch your favorite movies, anytime, anywhere within your home without having to reserve a timeslot for your favorite TV programmes. So we bring in streaming device and services such as Amazon Prime movies and Netflix. And the best thing about those streaming services? No censorship; censorship is just so-1970sh. I know you can also watch uncensored movies from ppstream or other Chinese streaming network, but we are moving towards first world standard, so why on earth are we looking back?

We don’t just care about the future state of the entertainment, we also care about our real future– our kids, by introducing a way the kids can use the tablets in a responsible way. We hope that tablets won’t enslave our kids; we want our kids to be the master of the tablets!

time limits

I want kindlemalaysia.com, together with waystous.com to be recognized as the future compass for Malaysians; if you see anything new, remember that we already have it first here! If you see any issues with great future ramifications, we are the first to voice out and discuss about it. That’s what future compass means.

How would you want your future to be?

PS: We are also investing in social justice; we give Malaysiakini a brick to safeguard the future of Malaysia.