Kindle fans love buying ebooks from Amazon India, and for good reasons: the book selection is on par with with Amazon US, but the price is vastly cheaper.

To take one example, here’s the comparison for the book Homo Deus:

Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari

Bookstores Prices Savings
Kinokuniya Malaysia MYR 50.31 (Paperback)
MYR145.53 (Hardcover)
Kindle Store India
MYR 7.35 95%
Kobo Malaysia
MYR 74.10

With that kind of jaw dropping price difference, no wonder a lot of people opt to purchase from Amazon India, rather than Amazon US, or physical bookstores.

However, you might be able to only purchase up to 5 ebooks at a time

We are aware that like Amazon China, Amazon India places a limit on the number of ebooks you can purchase with our Amazon Gift Card. Like Amazon China, Amazon India detects your IP and restricts your purchase if you are from outside India.

Since there is a limit in purchasing with Amazon gift card, what about your Malaysia credit card? Sorry, your Malaysia credit card won’t even work on buying a single book on Amazon India, so forget about that idea.

The workaround

The ever resourceful Kindle Fan found a solution in no time. And the solution is… using VPN/proxy unblocker!

Thanks to Justin Chong, we found out that using Proxy Unblocker Chrome Plugin ( such as Touch VPN) will enable one to buy kindle ebooks as many as one would like, in one go


You simply have to:

  1. Download proxy unblocker google plugin
  2. Select the India as Surfing country
  3. And then you can start bleeding your wallet in exchange of books.

Does the tip work on you? Do let us know in the comments!