Ah, the fragrance of the books, nostalgia!

Shoutout to book worms! Do you have old books that you no longer want to keep around?

As an effort to kindle the spirit of reading, kindlemalaysia.com is starting a campaign to donate used books to the Book Effect campaign, organized by friendstomankind.org. As per their website:

The Book Effect is a year-long project dedicated to collecting 10,000 books and building libraries for various orphanages and refugee schools across Klang Valley. We also aim to remind us, all of us, that the magic of reading hasn’t gone anywhere. We may be more distracted these days, but books have, and always will, be there for us. The Book Effect isn’t just about building libraries, we want everyone to remember the magic.

In the age of kindle with instantaneous downloads, sometimes it is easy to forget what it is like to be reading in the bad old days; books were scarce, and more often than not you had to wait in line for a few months before you could check out a book that you like from the library. Even when you finally managed to get the book, it might be in such a dilapidated condition that pages were missing.

For those who can afford to buy books, you would soon find out that you accumulated so many books that even the whole house cannot hold all of them.

Most of us, I imagine, had both the access to the library and the means to buy books that we loved. But there are children out there, who had neither. Yes, even at this age.

The Book Effect campaign is the perfect opportunity for the underprivileged children to get to love books. It’s a campaign to build libraries for them, and it needs your help to make it successful. As readers, we are determined to make this campaign a success, so we are contributing our share: you can send your used books to our office address at

Jalan Astaka U8/82, Bukit Jelutong Business And Technology Centre, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor

And we will handle the rest.

Let’s make the world a better place, by having cultivating readers!