This is a guide on how to change the DNS setting on Kindle Fire HD8, so that one can watch Amazon Instant Videos in Malaysia.  This is for advance users who already have a DNS service subscription.


If you want to purchase Amazon Instant Videos, you will need to have a valid Amazon account and Kindle Malaysia gift card. If you want to watch unlimited Amazon Prime streaming video, you will also need to have an Amazon Prime subscription.

You will also need to have your own DNS service subscription for this to work, such as unlocator.


1.  Tap on the Wireless icon


2.  Choose your wireless network


3.  Tap on the wifi network you connected. Note down the IP address.


4.  Tap and hold on your WiFi settings, then tap on the Advanced Settings below


5. Tap the box for Use Static IP


6. At the dialog box, input the following:

  • For IP address, enter the IP address from step 3. In this example here, it is
  • Under the Router, enter the first three group of IP numbers exactly the same as the IP address, and enter 1 for the last digit. So, for the example here, the Router should be
  • Use the DNS as provided by your DNS provider for DNS 1 and DNS 2.
    For example, using Unlocator DNS service provider, set
    DNS 1:
    DNS 2:


If you find the above steps too troublesome, you can still enjoy Amazon Instant Videos from Malaysia by getting Ways2US router. It does everything for you so that you won’t have to mess around with your Kindle Fire settings!

Help! I can’t still stream Amazon Instant Videos after this! I got a IP Geographical location Error!

After you do the on device settings, you will have to make sure that your IP address is updated in your DNS Service Provider account.

DNS Service Setup

1. Go to DNS Service Provider from your Fire device, login using your username and password

2.  Under “My Account”, you will seee green checkmark for the “DNS Setup for This Device” row.

not green 2

3. You might see that the IP address checkmark is red in color as shown above.

4. Simply clicking on the “Update IP” icon to make all of the checkmark green.

three green checkmarks

You can stream Amazon Instant videos on your Fire HD or HDX , only after you get the above 3 green checkmarks, you can start to stream movies on your Fire 7, Fire HD 8, Fire HD 10, Fire HD or HDX device.