Ah, Japan, a land of known for sakura, sumo, novels, manga and cleanliness and excessive politeness!

Here, we are pleased to announce that we crack the code to buy Japanese books, magazines, mangas and digital contents from Amazon Japan!

Traditionally, if you want to get Japanese mangas and novels, you have two choices:

One, you can book an air ticket and fly to Japan, and go there and buy books and ship them back. For this you have to be prepared to deal with custom checks, duties and even delays. Be warned that your books might be withheld at the customs because of “culture issues” ( it doesn’t really matter that the custom officers don’t speak Japanese).

Or you can have to go to Kinokuniya bookstore in KLCC to buy. But the problem is the price of the books are usually more expensive than if you purchase direct from Japan bookstores, because of the shipping costs and middleman costs.

Another problem with Kinokuniya is that the selections are very limited; and more often than not you won’t be able to find your reading material. For this you might have to request the books with Kinokuniya management, and thus will introduce further delays.

So just like Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon China and Amazon India, the existence of Amazon Japan is a good news to kindle fans all over the world with a special fascination about everything Japan; Japan has a vibrant ecosystem of publishing because of the society emphasis on reading, a good trait that we should all emulate.

(As recent as 2005, Malaysians only read an average of 2 books per year, compared to Japanese, who read 10 books a year)

And more importantly, the books at Amazon Japan are cheaper, a lot more cheaper!

Let’s take one example: a Doraemon book ドラえもん はじめてのひらがな 2・3・4歳: ドラえもんと やってみよう! (ドラえもんとやってみよう!). In Kinokuniya it costs RM 45.43 ( RM 40.83 for member). But in Amazon Japan, the same book ( the physical edition) costs Yen 821 ( RM 30).

ドラえもん はじめてのひらがな 2・3・4歳: ドラえもんと やってみよう! (ドラえもんとやってみよう!) at Kinokuniya
ドラえもん はじめてのひらがな 2・3・4歳: ドラえもんと やってみよう! (ドラえもんとやってみよう!) at Amazon Japan

What about the comparison between Amazon Japan Kindle ebook and Kinokuniya book? Here’s a ready sample: 犯人に告ぐ2<上>-闇の蜃気楼.

犯人に告ぐ2<上>-闇の蜃気楼 at Kinokuniya, costs RM 37.66
犯人に告ぐ2<上>-闇の蜃気楼 at Amazon Japan, costs Japanese Yen 496, or RM 19.02

For the price of every Kinokuniya book you buy, you can buy two copies of Kindle ebooks. That’s the difference we talk about.

How to buy Kindle ebooks from Amazon Japan?

At kindlemalaysia.com we are committed to the painless way of buying and using kindle, so we are extremely pleased to be able to figure out the ways to buy Kindle ebooks from Japan. In order to get kindle ebooks, you will have to:

  1. Register an account at Amazon Japan.
  2. If you can read Japanese, fine. But if you want to customize Amazon Japan page to English, you can do it via here.
  3. Specify a Japan address at your Amazon Account page,
    Full name: Rakuten Crimson House
    Postal code: 158 – 0094
    Prefecture:  Tokyo
    Address: 1-14-1 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku
  4. Buy Japanese Gift card from Kindle Malaysia here, and redeem into your Amazon Kindle eReader directly.
  5. Wait for 2 days, before actually apply the gift card.
  6. Now you can use the gift card to purchase Japanese Manga, novels , magazines and all the reading materials from the comfort of your bedroom. Just don’t tell your mom, but probably not for the reason you think*.

Too many steps above? Let us handle it for you. We also offer a complimentary service to register an Amazon Japan account to our kindle fans, and we also sell Amazon Japan gift card, so that you can buy kindle ebooks painlessly from Amazon Japan.

*The real reason: we already have enough オタク引きこもり(宅男,宅女). Your mom is more likely to be worried about your withdrawal from society than your addiction to whatever “unhealthy” materials that you consume.