After operating in existence for 2.5 years, it’s time for to get a new facelift!

The new website doesn’t just improve in elegance ( or so we hope), but also is easier to read, more eyes-pleasing fonts and looks great in smartphones and tablet screens!

But most importantly, we want the new design to serve you, our dear kindle fans. In keeping in mind with this goal, we have improve the navigation and improve the contents. We don’t want this to be an ecommerce site; we want this to be a place where kindle fans can share tips, stories, and how to. We hope that kindle fans in Malaysia who stumble upon this website will find it very useful, regardless of whether you intend to buy a kindle or an accessory from us.

In keeping with this goal, we have created a few sections:

Help Me Choose Section:

You want to buy a kindle product, but don’t know how to make your choices? We make it easy for you if you are

  1. Ebook reader
  2. Multimedia Junkie

Buy ebooks, movies, apps in Malaysia Section

You want to enjoy first class facility of Amazon in Malaysia, but you are being constantly frustrated by how Amazon intentionally unwillingly serve you just because you are being born at the wrong side of the pacific ocean. Don’t worry! We have a section for you to learn how to do exactly just that, in Malaysia.

Information section

Want to know how to let your kids use a tablet in a responsible way? Here’s how.

Want to know how to stream 40,000 titles of free Amazon movies and TV dramas in Malaysia? Here’s how.

Occasionally, for all fun and seriousness,

we will post  book reviews! We love reading and we hope that our fellow Malaysians also love reading as much as we do!


PS: Don’t forget to meet us at our Kindle Fans Rendezvous 2014 at Belanga Cafe, Subang Empire hotel on 7/6/2014, 10am.