For the longest time our mission has been getting people the kindle and kindle content in the most painless way. It is our joy to see Kindle fans get their hands on the device they love and being able to start reading immediately after they purchase a book.

But recently, we found that there are a lot of kindle owners who don’t know how to access the vast Amazon ebook collection.  Either they don’t have a valid Amazon US account, or they are simply content with the books they can source from outside Amazon, such as torrent websites or forums. We find that this is a huge waste of the precious kindle device.

Amazon kindle ebook collection is simply so vast in number and depth that it is unparallelled by any other ebook sources, including Google Play Store, iBookStore, B&N and dark corner ebook websites. Being a user of both ( yes, I do frequent ebook forums, for research purpose only :grin), I promise you that missing out the Amazon kindle ebook ecosystem will be your single source of greatest regret. You don’t know what you are missing!

So, to encourage more kindle fans to drink from the fountain of Amazon, we decide to offer Kindle Malaysia Fan Club Yearly Subscription Program. The program offers a shared Kindle Unlimited account and a dedicated Amazon account to the members of the fan club.

So, who should sign up? It’s for those:

  1. Who already own a kindle device, but not yet have a valid Amazon US account
  2. Who are eager to try Kindle Unlimited, but not sure of whether to really fork out RM500++ for such a service.
  3. Who want to own a account so that they can start buying the super cheap Chinese ebooks!

To commemorate our National Day, we will kick start the program on 31/8/2015. We are accepting signups now, so be the one of the very first of the early adopters! This is a yearly program, so you will have to renew every year in order to have continuing access to the program.