Kindle Voyage Malaysia On Hand

Kindle Voyage Malaysia On Hand

Amazon is expected to release Kindle Voyage on 23/11/2014, and due to popular demand, a customer can only purchase 2 devices at a time.

We already have a good enough Kindle, with touchscreen and light on device screen and all the nice features, in the form of Kindle Paperwhite. So why do we need a Kindle Voyage?

This is how I would explain the difference between the two, using automobile terms: Kindle Voyage is the Rolls-Royce of ereaders, and Kindle Paperwhite is the Ford of ereaders.

rolls royce

1995 Ford GT90 Concept

Indeed, both has the same functions, just like both Rolls Royce and Ford can do the job equally well, but Rolls Royce is the ultimate symbol of status and wealth.

Similarly, Kindle Voyage has a few quite distinguishing functionalities that separate it from other kindle ereaders.

Feels more like a sheet of paper.

Kindle Paperwhite reads like a sheet of paper, so it won’t strain your eyes no matter how long you are reading. But Kindle Voyage goes a step further, and not only it is not eye straining, but it also feels like a sheet of paper. Nostalgia feeling for people like me who loves the ereader for its capacity and convenience but also miss the paper feel of the good old times.

Automatic light adjustment.

Adjusting light in the dark on Kindle Paperwhite has never been a pleasant exercise. Wouldn’t it be more convenient if the light gets adjusted on its own? Kindle Voyage gives you that! So that now you can just enjoy your reading.

Higher resolution (300 ppi vs 212 ppi)

Crispier text, higher resolution, better contrast, that’s what Kindle Voyage gives you.

Page turn is back!

In the earlier models of Kindle, you are required to press the button in order to flip the pages. But Kindle Paperwhite does away with that, because Amazon fancies that one can just use touch screen to flip the pages. I don’t find it convenient at all because old habit is just hard to die. Well, now that page turn button is back, so everyone is happy


Kindle Voyage is the thinnest Kindle ever, at only 7.6mm thin ( Kindle Paperwhite thickness is 9.1mm, and kindle touchscreen 10.2mm).


Want a Kindle Voyage? We have it here, and we will start delivering on 8/12/2014. Be one of the first Malaysians to get your hands on the Rolls-Royce of ereaders!