[Updated Apr 2, 2020] This guide remains valid for existing Kindle Fans before 2016 who can buy New Amazon Gift Card directly to help other New Kindle Fans

(A) To buy Amazon Gift Card claim code using your own Malaysia Credit Card from your separate Amazon MY Account, please register into your Amazon MY Account from web browser here and verify or enter your Malaysia Credit Card & MY Billing Address as follows:

o    New Amazon MY Account : [Email aside from your Amazon US Account]

o    Password                               : [Your Password]

1. Please click here to enter/verify your existing Malaysia Credit Card

2. Please click here to enter/select your existing Malaysia Billing Address

3. Click here to buy your New Amazon US Gift Card to be redeemed into your Amazon US Account.

Buy New Amazon Gift Card Top Up

Buy New Amazon Gift Card Top Up with own Malaysia Credit Card in Malaysia from www.Amazon.com/GiftCards