This is something that we long wanted to do for our fans, but we simply couldn’t muster the time to do it, until now, until the Covid 19 stay-at-home order finally forced us to do.

For many years, we are grateful for our legions of fans, who heartedly recommend us around– to their families and friends, over the blogs and during our kindle fan monthly gathering. Our business couldn’t grow without the word-of-mouth marketing. Thank you all so much for believing in us, and grow with us. Words alone simply can’t express enough of our gratitude.

But here’s something that we think we can do, to reward our fans: our partnership program. It is a program that allows kindle fans to earn a commission on every single referral that they make, as long as the referral translates into a purchase on

No, this is not another “get-rich-quick” or MLM marketing scheme. There are only two levels of commission, each 3%. The first level is the direct sale level— you get a commission whenever your friends buy via the link you share; the second level is the network level— you get a commission whenever the friend you recommend to sign up as a partner like you, gets his level 1 commission. Truth to be told, it’s not a lot of money, unless you can bring in really A LOT of referrals, but we believe that it’s only fair if we can give our fans something back for their love towards us.

Givebacks shall happen in all times. And especially in this time, when our kindle fan monthly coffee gathering has to be indefinitely postponed due to the Covid 19 pandemics ( and the mismanagement of the government? Nah, we don’t entertain politics here, but still).

To sign up, just head over to, and then choose sign up as a partner.

After you sign up, you can share the link to your friends under the section “Referral Link“, and you can also get your friends to sign up as another partner via the “Network Link“, which entitle you for Level 1 and Level 2 referral.

Yes, it’s that simple. Just try it out and share the links around, and watch the money rolling in!