Our sister site, waystous.com is now available to the public!

Yes, kindlemalaysia.com and waystous.com are operated by same group of people ( see our contact information at both websites). And we have the same, overarching goals, which is to bring the goodies– be it kindle, Kindle Fire HD, Amazon Prime movies, Netflix, waystous router, you name it– to Malaysians living in Malaysia.

But, there are different ways to go by in reaching different groups of people, which is why we have two different websites. For kindlemalaysia.com, it will focus more on Amazon related devices and services. For waystous.com, it focuses more on the others–that is, everything that is not Amazon related such as Chromecast, Netflix, HULU Plus and so on . And sometimes, the products and the offerings of these two websites might overlap ( such as waystous router). But not always.

To get  a feel of how waystous.com is like, you can start off with this post, discussing about the  House of Cards Season one from HyppTV.

ken spacy