This must be a great news for our Chinese readers: kindle now supports Pinyin!

ping yin 2

This feature is especially useful if you are learning Chinese as a second language; you can now show the pronunciation guide above Chinese characters by turning the option on, as shown in the below screenshot.



pinyin 1

With this latest feature, you can now buy a kindle to your kids and ask them to read “The dynasty of the three kingdom” ( 三国演义), they will have no excuse to say that the texts are too deep for them, or that they can’t pronounce this and that word.

Also, we are going to demo the latest gadgets from Amazon: Amazon Tap this coming Saturday ( 4/3/2017):

Amazon Tap - Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker in Malaysia

Amazon Tap – Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker in Malaysia

You speak, I listen. Amazon Tap just sort of works like your digital assistant with a simple voice command who can

  1. Play over 2 million songs for you ( if you have Amazon Prime subscription).
  2. Play tens of millions of songs ( if you have Amazon Music Unlimited)
  3. Read over 1 million free ebooks for you ( if you have Kindle Unlimited)
  4. Answer factual trivas from you. Alexa can answer questions about weather, news, history. However, currently it can’t answer questions about the meaning of life, God’s existence and other meta-physical questions ( neither can human do that definitively).
  5. The best of all, Amazon Tap is constantly gaining in ability, as the brain– Alexa– is constantly accepting and synthesizing new inputs and knowledge.

You want a robot assistant? Not quite there yet, but it’s pretty amazing to see how AI can understand human language and divine your thoughts.

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