Last week we went to a Kindle fan’s house– PK house. He showed us proudly the stacks and stacks of the books that he bought over the years, and the bookshelves he had.

IMG_2517 IMG_2516


I almost forgot that there is still such a thing as a bookshelf.  How nostalgic!

I was ( and still am) a vociferous book reader, when I was young my dream was to live inside a library, or rather, to build a house that contains enough books so that it is no different from a library. Reading books was and is still the most pleasurable thing I can do.

My other dream was to become a theoretical physicist. The thought that mere human can deduce the Order of the Nature by pure mathematical deduction, starting from a few basic principles enchanted me. Physics is simply beautiful and powerful.

So I dreamt that I could become another Albert Einstein, another Stephen Hawking, or at least, Richard Feynman.


And then, reality stepped in.

I learnt gradually that I had neither the opportunity nor the raw talent to become a top notched theoretical physicist. So I abandoned the dream, slowly but  gradually, until I woke up a day and I just decided that pursuing physics against all odds wasn’t in my best interest.

I might have given up my dream to become a professional physicist, but I never give up my inquisitive nature, the very first thing that drove  me to physics. I am still fascinated by things that are beautiful and powerful.  The fact that a compact equation ( no more than one line) can describe our universe never ceases to amaze me.

Then, in 2011 I came across a little ebook reading device, they call it kindle. They say that kindle can hold 4000 books, this is such a vast improvement compare to bookshelf, which can only hold 100-200 books.



You can bring the 4000 books in your kindle with you to anywhere in the world, but you can’t bring the whole bookshelf with you.

Like physics equation, kindle is also small, and compact.

The equations of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics are so compact that they can be printed on a t-shirt; and kindle is just so compact that it can be held with one hand.

An one-liner physics equation holds the key to our physical universe. A one-hand-holding kindle holds the key to another universe, the universe of the great minds.

Physics simplifies our lives and makes us accessible to the secret of the nature, kindle simplifies book-lovers lives and makes us accessible to the secret of the writers.

Well, I figured that if I can’t do physics equation, then at least I can do kindle?

For kindle is the godsend good news for book lovers!

PS: As per PK said, there is another advantage of kindle: you can buy kindle ebooks without letting your spouse know and save yourself from the grumbling, very unlike physical books ( don’t tell your spouse on this).