It’s our monthly Kindle fan gathering again! The July edition of Kindle fan gathering was successfully concluded at Starbucks Reserve, The Garden, Midvalley this morning.

This is a very special gathering because for the first time, we are proud to share the amount of funds we raised for Tabung Harapan in June 2018.

Since we have mentioned the amount in the gathering, so we won’t mention it here. All we can say is that it is really humbled by the experience of giving, of doing something good for the country while also making money :).

Giving is more blessed than receiving, indeed.

During the meeting, we also freely shared our collections of ebooks. Among so many, the book that caught my attention is about Neil Armstrong, the man who first stepped on the moon.

First Man: The life of Neil A. Armstrong

This is the only biography book that Neil Armstrong authorized before he passed away. From the way the kindle fans raved about it, it must be a very good book, so I must read it sometime!

The time of Armstrong was a time when the US was in a military as well as ideological arm race with the Soviet Union. John F. Kennedy, the US President in the early 1960s famously said that the US wanted to put a man on the moon before the end of the decade, ahead of the Soviets. At the time of saying the American public didn’t really believed him, because human technology was just so far lagging behind that even thinking about such a feat was literally a moonshot. “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man” ( George Bernard Shaw).

So the moon, as well as the imagination for celestial travelling and the technological advancement, belonged to the US for most part of the twentieth century, because US had the visionary leaders who could see beyond the possibility, because US had the imaginative minds who could imagine the most outrageous, most spirit-lifting, most craziest endeavour that can push the boundary of knowledge and redefine the impossible. For that humanity is amply rewarded.

Doing Tabung Harapan contribution is certainly not our moonshot project. But we tried something really unconventional. We hope that in the future, can try even more imaginative and outrageous things, and when we do, we want to invite every like-minded fans to join.

What about you? Have you dream of doing an impossible, but extremely meaningful task lately?