When we first  ventured into this business, our very first purpose was not to earn money. Being book lovers ourselves, seeing that there was a need for Malaysians to get kindle in an effortless manner, we determined to get kindles in, so that Malaysians could easily own such a great device without much hassle. The sheer joy of seeing others getting their dream device is worth all the trouble.  It feels so good to do good when you can help it.

Now, as we move on to diversify our offering– and in conjunction with the Ramadan season, we are going to do something bold, something that threatens our profits ( it’s not that we earn a lot!): we are going to donate RM5 to charity for each unit of the case sold. Yes, you hear it right, we are going to donate RM5 to a charity. You might ask: what is the point of giving away our hard earned profit?   It defies every business logic! But our point is just that– we don’t really want to care too much about business logic here.  Remember? We setup this business to do good to the society, to provide an easy and painless way for Malaysians to buy Kindle. And by donating money out of every sale we make, we are also helping others to give to the charity as well.

Let’s just see how it goes. There might be a day when we felt that we won’t be able to do the donation because of various reasons, but until that day comes ( and trust us, if it does we will put up a notice on this blog), we are going to give. It’s better to give than to receive.

And oh! the case is made with hands, yes, bare hands, not machines. When you hold a case in your hands, you can feel the amount of sweat and hard work that went into the making of this simple looking case. Industrialization makes goods manufacturing efficient by means of machines and automation, and as a result a lot of things can be mass produced and cheaply sold. But with machine manufactured goods, the soul is lost, somewhere. The old craft of making good, handmade things are simply lost. Which is why we have a special delight in seeing handmade thingy. Which one would you prefer, a case that has been manufactured by a giant, soulless machine alongside with tens of thousands of its uniform clones, or a handmade case that had been designed, sewed and manufactured by a humble peasant in Vietnam, one at a time?

Some pictures of the handmade kindle cases: