Finally,  kindle is being sold at a retail store!

We received quite a number of international traveller in the past in our store. It’s always heartening for us to see people from different parts of the world, coming to Malaysia because they want to get a kindle, and an Amazon account that they can use to buy kindle ebooks. It goes on to show that just how much avid readers cherish paperless books nowadays, which can only be a good thing in the long run for our rainforest and ecosystem.

For our fellow travellers, we want to make it even more easier for you to buy kindles; while you are transiting in KLIA, you can get your kindle at the Gadgetronics shop. Yes, you can purchase your kindle at a physical outlet at KLIA, hook it up to your Amazon account, and start reading your books in under 60 seconds after you make the book purchase.


klia store

It’s that simple!