The Kindle Fans around klang valley just had a gathering last Saturday ( 15/8/2015) at Belanga Cafe@Subang Empire.

Upon entrance, the Kindle fans were greeted with a welcome sign, there could be no mistaking where we were!

Kindle Malaysia Fans Rendevous 2015We have a huge, beautiful backdrop at the stage, a reminder to the power of kindle, and how much it can simplify your life and your book collection.

kindle fans gatheringKindle Malaysia Fans Rendevous 2015

We had four speakers on the day.

Wee Khien

Wee Khien on Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Malaysia Club Membership

The cofounder of Kindle Malaysia, Tan Wee Khien started off his presentation with a talk on Kindle Unlimited Subscription and the Kindle Malaysia Club Membership.



Soon Hui on Amazon China

Then, Soon Hui continued on Amazon China, and how to buy Chinese ebooks from Amazon China.


Sharing on Audible Audiobook by Mr.Chew

Sharing on Audible Audiobook by Mr.Chew

Mr Chew Hin Mong then came on stage to share on the newest toy from Amazon, the Amazon Echo. According to Wiki, Amazon Echo is a voice command device from with functions including question answering, playing music and controlling smart devices.

PK on the experience of reading on Kindle

PK on the experience of reading on Kindle

Finally, PK wrapped up the session by sharing on his experience in using Kindle as a book collector and an avid reader. Unlike physical books collection whereby you can’t easily move your books from one place to another, Kindle can store up to more than 3000 books, and that makes moving your collection around very easy.


Kindle Malaysia Fans Rendezvous 2015 Demo Session

Kindle Malaysia Fans Networking

After the session ended, Kindle fans grouped among themselves and shared freely their kindles and their experience in using Kindle.

In the age of digital entertainment, it is always heartening to see a group of avid readers come together and share their experience in reading. We are very fortunate to be able to organize such a gathering. Thank you kindle fans for making this a success!