Yesterday Amazon launched the long-rumored smartphone– Amazon Fire Phone.



As a lot of commentators said, smartphone is an extremely crowded market, and Amazon is plunging itself into an extremely crowded market. What does this phone mean for Malaysians?

For Malaysians, all the important technology breakthrough such as Dynamic Perspective, Firefly technology and Mayday are accessible to phone users regardless of where you are. You can enjoy them, no problem.

Dynamic Perspective

Dynamic Perspective– See 3D images of something on this phone!


Firefly technology

Press Firefly button to identify phone numbers, web, email addresses, movies, music etc


Mayday– call for free, live, on-device tech support should you get stuck


Advanced camera

Amazon phone camera as compared to Samsung and iPhone


But still,  this phone appears to be a US-centric device. This phone is tied with the US phone carrier AT&T plan. For international users, you can opt to buy the phone without a service plan, which costs USD 649. To put this number in perspective, it is almost 3 times as expensive as Kindle Fire HDX and almost as expensive as an iPhone 5S.


fire phone pace

Summary: what is the main benefit of Amazon phone?

More importantly, the main appeal as we see it for this phone, is the tight integration between Amazon Fire Phone and Amazon Prime subscription. Amazon uses this device to further lock its customers into the Amazon Prime ecosystem.


Amazon Prime allows one to access 50,000 free movies, 1 million free songs and 500,000 free ebooks ( and counting)  worldwide. This means that In Malaysia, you can borrow free ebooks and listen to free songs on your Amazon Fire Phone just as it is, but for you to enjoy the Amazon Prime Instant Videos, you will need a WaystoUS router.

What do you think? Are you eager to get your hands on this Amazon Fire Phone?