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Ways2US Router Plug & Play User Guide

1. Connect Internet to Ways2US Router (yellow port)


2. Connect to Ways2US Wireless Network from your Fire TV

Choose wireless network name

a.   Username                          : Ways2US

b.  Password (WPA2-PSK)   : ways2us123456


3. Update Your Internet IP to Ways2US via PC/Mac/Tablet

  1. Login to DNS Account here:
    Username: [As per your email to you]
    Password:  [As per your email to you]
  2. Click “Update IP” to see 3 green checks marks.
Update IP With DNS Service in Malaysia

Update IP With DNS Service in Malaysia

You are ready to watch Amazon Prime Instant Videos/Netflix/HULU Plus on Fire TV or from any device connected wirelessly to Ways2US router. Repeat Step 3 – Update IP when you restart your Internet modem .


  1. Ways2US Router DNS Service is valid for 1 year from date of purchase. For subsequent renewal, please email Admin@KindleMalaysia.comor call +6012 465 2232.
  2. You can order a 1 year Amazon Prime subscription from us if you want to watch Amazon Prime movies.
  3. You can subscribe Netflix/HULU Plus & more subscription with your own Malaysia Credit Card from your web browser connected to Ways2US WiFi.

You may obtain  WaystoUS Router in Malaysia with free next biz day delivery anywhere by clicking here.