Netflix is here, finally,in Malaysia.


Hang on! What is Netflix?

Answer: Netflix is the most popular, legal video streaming service in the world, with over 14,000 titles in the US region.

netflix titles

Until yesterday, it was only available in the US and some countries: because of copyright laws with geographical restriction. Good copyright laws protect both the publishers and the consumers, bad copyright laws force the consumers to pirate at the expense of the publishers. In this Internet age, copyright laws are hopelessly outdated and bad; they can’t stop people from pirating, but they stop people from actually paying for the content. So in the end, everyone just jump ship and becomes a pirate

sea pirate

Those who want to do the right thing will have to use a VPN or DNS service to bypass the geographical location so that they can pay the publishers the due in order to watch the shows. So practically we have to somehow trick the copyright laws to pay the rightful parties the money. Why would anyone go to such trouble when one can get what one wants easily, for free? No one would. Except of course, the crazy ones like us.

For the past 2 years, has been helping like-minded Malaysians in doing the RIGHT but DIFFICULT thing, which is to pay for Netflix content and watch it via a waystous router. Now not only we want people to pay for the Netflix content, we also want them to pay the DNS service to. So it’s double charge. But nonetheless, we believe that this is the fairest to everyone involved. Unfortunately, our efforts aren’t very successful, as movie piracy still as rampant as ever in Malaysia.

Now that one can watch Netflix easily, we hope that Malaysians will start to respect intellectual properties!

I want to watch Netflix on TV! How can I do that?

Watching Netflix on your laptop or iPhone is not as enjoyable as watching it on your 63inch, 4K TV. True, you can connect your laptop to your TV via a HDMI cable, but the quality isn’t as good. We would like to introduce you this humble set-top box, FireTV.

Fire TV

Fire TV

Accessing Amazon Prime Video/HULU content still requires a waystous router, but to access Netflix app? No, you no longer need that. Just get a Fire TV device, set it up, download the Netflix app and you are now good to go! No mangling with DNS settings at router level, no need special ninja sysadmin knowledge, just plug and play, and the world biggest movie selection library is at your fingertips.

OK, then why do I still need waystous router?

Like I said, you still need waystous router to access Amazon Prime Video/HULU, HBO GO and the latest episode in Games of Thrones TV series (you must be living under a stone if you don’t know what it is). There are still a lot of streaming services that are still geographical restricted.

Also, you can use waystous router to access Sarawak Report, Malaysia Chronicle and other news websites blocked by MCMC. Consider yourself a freedom fighter if you browse those websites despite the senseless, ridiculous MCMC ban!