By now, Covid 19 must have pretty much single-handedly locked all Malaysians– adults and children alike– at home. It must be pretty boring to stay at home all times, not allowed to go out, even just to exercise.

Amidst the lockdown, let’s try to explore some educational and entertaining resources that we all can use:


Free children stories from Amazon audible

There is no better time to get children interested in reading, than now. What if you don’t want to read, but prefer to listen? Amazon Audible comes with free storytelling for children, for as long as schools are closed. Listen to children stories via your laptop, smartphones and Alexa devices!

Free Kids movies from Amazon Prime Video

Besides Audible, Amazon also makes kid movies free for its Prime Video offering.

The Amazon Kids Video appearing on my screen.

Amazon Prime Video selections are pretty limited outside US, but still, you can see quite a number of titles, mostly from Amazon Original production appearing in your list, even if you don’t use a VPN or waytous router. Here’s a screen from Just Add Magic, a kid video from Amazon Originals.

A screenshot from Just Add Magic


OK, enough about kids, how about adults? How do we, as adults, keep ourselves entertained and occupied?

For those who still feel bored and very energetic after working ( from home) and after entertaining your kids, we have some recommendations:

Academic Textbooks from Cambridge University Press

Newton invented calculus and theory of gravity when he was resting at his family estate, Woolsthorpe Manor in order to escape the bubonic plague ravaging in Cambridge University. So outbreak is a good time to come up with scientific breakthrough. But in order to do that, you need to keep your mind sharp by working on difficult technical treatises.

Cambridge University Press now offers free HTML access to some 700 textbooks. You can work on Differential Geometry, topology, Quantum Field Theory problems if you feel bored. Who knows you are the one to unify Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity?


Iflix, the South East Asia version of Netflix! It’s free during this lockdown period. Iflix selling point is its local and Korea contents, particularly suited to Malaysians and our culture.

Virtual Tours

Here contains a list of museums, parks and landmarks that remains opened… digitally. So while you can’t travel overseas, you can still visit your destination online. True, a virtual experience is no match for the real one, but that’s the best that we can come up for now.