This week, we are honored to be invited to UiTM, to share with the UiTM lecturers the joy of reading.

At UiTM library

Reading is a habit that must be cultivated since young. But it’s never too late to start to read.

Our and cofounder, Tan Wee Khien, explains Boox to UiTM Librarian. 

Our and cofounder, Tan Wee Khien, explains kindle to UiTM Librarian.

With over 6 million books at Amazon Kindle store, and over 1 million books to read for free if you join our Kindle Malaysia Club membership, there is no shortage of reading material. Now the question becomes how much time you are willing to put on reading.

Kindle is a perfect device for uninterrupted reading, because it’s black and white, because it’s hard to do other things on it, and because it’s optimized for reading. So if you want to cultivate a habit of reading in you ( or your kids), kindle is a much better device than tablet or smartphones!