In the past, there were some kindle fans who would like to add more accessories to their beloved kindle. They asked: “why aren’t carrying screen protector? Isn’t screen protector an essential part of the whole kindle related products”?

Our answers had been: “well it is a nice addition to kindle, but we aren’t carrying it at this point of time”. Which is really a non-answer.

In fact, Kindle is a surprisingly resilient electronic gadget; I have accidentally spilled water on my kindle, dropped it from table and yet it still remained unscathed and fully functional.  And I have no accessories, no kindle case, no screen protector to protect it. It is just a bare device, and it travels with me from Malaysia to Europe to HK to Taiwan, I have been putting it in every kind of environment imaginable without any protection, and yet it is still functioning well.

However, finally, we have come to our sense that it is a good idea to sell screen protector to our kindle fans. So, starting from today, we are putting up pages screen protector page for Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire! And, if you buy kindle bundled with accessories, you enjoy RM20% off for your screen protector, and that’s on top of the other discounts ( eg, see this Kindle Fire with stylish case page  and this kindle Paperwhite with Ads page). This is an offer we extend to our customers and we wish our readers happy reading!