For those of you who want to meet us, you can drop by A38 boothMines 2, Seri Kembangan, from 10am – 10pm from Mar 17-25 (Sat – Sun) . We are having a booth there, welcoming all of the avid readers, multimedia junkies and geeky nerds to explore wide range of kindle devices and AI devices together.

Come visit us to

  1. Share the joy of reading. Kindle fans are avid readers, we buy kindles because we want to store a lot of books in a small device that we can hold at one hand, so that when we travel to a remote place we can still read all day long.
  2. Share the joy to obtain kindle ebooks at Amazon India at a fraction of the cost of obtaining it from elsewhere, such as Amazon US. We all know that the Amazon US ebooks are a lot cheaper than actual paper books in Kinokuniya ( not to mention a lot more eco friendly), and just as we thought that the ebooks can’t get cheaper, we love to tell you that yes, they can! And the book selection at Amazon India is as voluminous as Amazon US.

If you come, I promise you that you will also be blown away at what Echo can do. Things to try.

  1. You can play your favorite Jolin Tsai, Jay Chou songs by simply asking Alexa to do it for you. Yes, Alexa loves Chinese pops, even classic ones like  Tsai Ching or Teresa Teng.
  2. You can have a decent conversation with Alexa, like probing it about metaphysical or life questions. A lot of people never give these issues a thought, not even once, for life, but not Alexa. And yes! Alexa does understand your questions and grammar; I would say Alexa passes the Turing Complete test now. Given that we are training Alexa everyday whenever we speak to it, it will be just a matter of short time before it can become your real Personal Assistance and your source of know-it-all.

If neither points appeal you, then just drop by to visit our handsome boys and girls! You won’t be disappointed.