For so long Kindle– the most popular ebook reader from Amazon– just comes with a humble keyboard and monochrome. For so long Amazon– the largest online and offline retailer– doesn’t have any gadget to offer besides a humble Kindle. This is pretty a sad state for Amazon as Amazon sells not just books, but also a gazillion of musics, movies and magazines.

But all this is about to change with Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire. Well, you can read on the Internet for all the nice details about it. The important point is Kindle Touch allows you to flip the page on the screen as if you are flipping a real book, type  on the virtual keyboard like how you type  on iPad’s virtual keyboard and yet still retain the usual Kindle reading experience.

For Kindle Fire, it’s going be a tablet that is going to challenge iPad seriously. You can read books, magazines, watch videos, listen musics, play games and do all sorts of things that you can do on iPad. Touch screen, multicolor, seamless streaming experience, and  at a much cheaper price than iPad.

But still,  Amazon won’t ship to Malaysia, we can speculate why but the real reason is only known to the Amazon folks.

And no, we at are not going to miss out the fun, and we also believe that our fellow Malaysians shouldn’t, too.  Which is why we allow user to preorder today. Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire will be released on 15 of November in US,  and we in Malaysia can get it a week later. Just one week delay, and everything that we get is the same as what the US customers get.  It’s a flat world after all.

To preorder, you can go to this page and this page to preorder. The booking fee is RM 100 for Kindle touch, and RM 150 for Kindle Fire.

For introductory price, will sell Kindle Touch for RM 500, and Kindle Fire for RM 800.