Dear kindle fans,

Thank you for coming to our booth at World of Chinese Book Fair( 第十七届书香世界中华书展) (20-29 November 2015), it feels so good to be able to interact with so many kindle fans!


Truth to be told, actually the majority of the people who came by our booth were non-kindle fans. They didn’t know what kindle is, and didn’t know why they ever need one. For us this means that there is still an ample of opportunity for kindle market to grow. This also means that Malaysians– especially book-lovers — are missing out a lot of nice deals ( such as USD 2.99 kindle daily deals, the kindle unlimited library program etc ) and they are not aware of it. cofounders busy explaining kindles to potential kindle fans cofounders busy explaining kindles to potential kindle fans


What is the most heartening moment in the whole book fair?

Without a single doubt, it is the testimony such as this one:


Converting people from kindle-skeptic to kindle-lover is a reason enough for us to stand on a booth for 10 days straight, 10 hours a day.

I’ve missed the book fair! What should I do?

Don’t worry, we have another one coming up at Big Bad Wolf (4-14 December 2015)

Come! Indulge yourself in a reading-glut.

Or you are also welcome to visit us at our store, we are here for you.