We love moms. We all know how much they do for us and we are truly grateful to them for bringing us into this world, for nurturing us and loving us unconditionally. When all love fails, there is always the mom’s love which we can count on.

But less celebrated is Dad’s Love. Here’s a man, who seems to be capable of fixing the car, climbing up the trees, putting bread on the table, throwing tantrums at kids and doing everything under the sun.



Original source of the comic.

And here’s a man who provides you with your cloths, your tuition fees and make sure you are well fed.. until a day when you can make a living on your own. And then suddenly, you find that white hairs grow on him. His strength seems to be failing, and he has to wear a thick glass to recognize from you from afar when you return home.

You have grown in strength, but he has grown old. However like mom’s love, dad’s love also never grows old.

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Tell him that you appreciate him.