We are glad to announce eReader Fan Corporate Club, a package specially designed for corporate that want to expand the mind of the staffs via reading.

Traditionally, a corporate creates its own library by stuffing the library with a lot of books. After all, the physical books are still the de facto reading materials that most people are familiar with. This is even more so for the technical books.

However, there are only so many books that a physical library can host in a room, which is why you find that corporate libraries ( and even state libraries) are typically very limited in terms of selection.

Here we want to propose an alternative approach: we would like to invite corporate to join our eReader Fan Corporate Club.

What are the available package?

eReader Fan Club Corporate Club comes with a starter package for 8 persons, at the price of RM 960 for one year. Each additional person costs RM 120 extra per year. A staff can use this membership to read 1 million eBooks for free, for the entire year. Transferring the membership is easy, you just have to sign out of the Amazon account, and let your colleague sign in.

At the end of the year, the corporate can decide whether to continue the subscription for another year. There is no obligation to continue.

The starter package is all about joining the eReader Fan Club Corporate Membership alone, and does not contain leasing any kindles from us whatsoever. The staff can enjoy the access to 1 million free ebooks by reading the books on his laptops, mobile phones or his own kindles.

Up the chain is the Starter Kindle ( or Starter Kindle Paperwhite) package. For this package, in addition to getting access to Read for Free 1 Million Kindle eBooks from Amazon Kindle Unlimited Library, you will also lease an All New Amazon Kindle (10th Gen) with Stylish Case + Screen Protector at RM20/month ( or All New Kindle Paperwhite (10th Gen) at RM30/month) to use for the whole year. At the end of the subscription, you can decide whether to return the kindle to us, or to buy the kindle outright at pre-loved price.

During this period, our standard 12 month warranty applies. So if the kindle malfunctions, we will exchange the kindle for you at no extra cost. But bear in mind that it’s your responsibility to make sure that kindles are not lost, failing to do so will result in the lost of deposit and may result in the confiscation of other kindles.

Who is this for?

Any corporate that wants to expand the mind of the employees via reading, obviously!

Want to discover materials for employee training programs? We have 1 million free kindle titles for you to choose from. Self-help books? Check. Biographies? Check. Non-fiction? Check. Technologies? Check. History? Check.

The good thing about kindle eBooks is that the selection is not constrained by space or time. Kindle eBooks take up negligible hard disk space on your kindle, and you can download the books instantly, no waiting time. You no longer have to wait for months for your books to arrive at your doorstep; you can just download them in 60 seconds!

Not only that, you can even create and upload your own contents. Just share your materials as a document, and it is available to the employees to read. It’s all very convenient. You don’t have to fear that your training manuals will get lost; it’s stored safely in the cloud.

Please take note that this package is available only to corporate and not individuals or households.

My corporate already have a physical library, can I still use your service?

Of course! You are more than welcome to do so!

eReader Fan Corporate Club works best in conjunction with ( and not in replacement of) physical libraries. We understand that deadwood papers still hold appeal to a lot of book lovers, and some reading materials are best to be consumed in physical format.

But digital library comes with its own advantages also, such as ease of downloads, ease of sharing and vast title selections.

For the price of less than one coffee per day, you can empower 8 staffs to read 1 million books. How to beat that kind of deal?

I still have questions, can I speak to your sales representatives?

Yes, you are welcome to call us at +0124652232.