Today is the first day of September 2018, and we had our usual kindle fan gathering at Starbucks Reserve, The Garden, Midvalley.

Some of the kindle fans came here to learn about kindles, some came to share their books, and some even came here to  buy kindles on the spot.

One of the pleasant surprises that I learnt from the fellow kindle fans, is the movie ( and the book) “Crazy Rich Asians“.

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As per wiki:

Crazy Rich Asians is a 2013 novel by Kevin Kwan.

Kwan stated that his intention in writing the novel was to “introduce a contemporary Asia to a North American audience.” He claimed the novel was loosely based on his own childhood in Singapore.

For those moviegoers who have seen the movie ( produced by Hollywood), a lot of the places and slangs in the movie are familiar to Malaysians, precisely because this is where/what the movie is based on. OK, Singapore and Malaysia are technically different countries, but we are not so much different, are we?

The books are 100 times better than the movie! One kindle fan exclaimed, because more details and plots can go into the books while the movie’s length is restricted.

Another said that the book and the movie are just plain hilarious.

What about you? Have you seen the movie or read the books?

As for me, I’m going to read it as soon as I finish the book Living with a SEAL: 31 Days Training with the Toughest Man on the Planet.

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Kinokuniya Malaysia RM76.90
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This is the true life story of the Jesse Itzler. One line bio: Jesse is a human being who will try almost everything to achieve great successes in life and businesses, “being comfortable with the uncomfortable”– that is his motto.

One day, after he had become a successful rapper and a successful entrepreneur who sold his private jet company and probably had more money in the bank that he can ever spend and can probably can retire for good, Jesse felt that he needed to shake up his life. So he contacted a SEAL to get some tough training. The SEAL agreed, but with one condition: that Jesse had to follow every word he said.

Here goes the story of the toughest man training a “cutie” ( in the words of the toughest man, describing Jesse).

By that time Jesse was already a regular marathon runner. He thought that being trained by SEAL is just another uncomfortable growth that he had to go through. He didn’t really realize what he was signing up for….

I wouldn’t divulge the book a lot ( for I haven’t finished it yet), but.. the book is just funny! Just yesternight I picked up the book, I expected to read a few pages before I went to sleep. As long as I started reading I was already laughing out Loud. The book is so funny that I had to quickly put away because I didn’t want to get too excited before the sleep.

This is how funny the book is.

Go and have a read!