April is always a month of reflection. For Chinese, we have Ching Ming (清明), a season to pay respect to our ancestors. For Christians, it is a month of the Good Friday and Easter Sunday, when they contemplate about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In both cases, people withdraw from their busy daily routines, and meditate about their past and future. One day, we are all going to die, by then, how do you want to be remembered? Have you prepared to meet your Maker? If you know that you don’t have eternity, what is stopping you from going forward and do whatever you want to do now?

It should also be a time of reading. Life is finite, and there is only so much you can experience in your lifetime. But reading can broaden your horizon, enable you to see things you don’t have the chance to see, experience things you don’t have the time to experience. Reading purifies one’s soul, and engages one with the great minds in the past. It also clarifies your thinking, and through a series of conversation with different authors, you can get a better sense of your purpose on this earth.

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