While health experts are still laying out the Dos and Don’ts of ‘Social Distancing’, there is one date that should not be cancelled – One to One Date with Kindle in Malaysia. The following easily guide to start enjoying 1 Million Kindle eBooks from Amazon Kindle Unlimited on any devices from now – next 12 months.

some 15 kindle fans gathered nonetheless at Starbucks, The Garden at MidValley last Saturday.

We share books that we read, exchange news, answering new kindle fans questions… in fact, if you want to know how useful kindle/Boox are, come to this gathering and hear what other kindle fans are saying!

Moving forward, we would also be joining Big Bad Wolf in Penang next week from 19-29 March.

Let’s hope that Covid-19 won’t get worse, and that we can meet our fans in Penang as planned!