Year end 2015 will be a busy time for us.

To promote the joy of reading and the love of kindle, we will stationed ourselves at two book fairs:

Big Bad Wolf 2015 ( 4-14 December 2015)
MIECC@The Mines


World of Chinese Book Fair( 第十七届书香世界中华书展) (20-29 November 2015)
Mines 2



We won’t be at our usual store. So if you would like to drop by, please visit us at the above two locations!

See you at the book fairs!

Call to Kindle Fans:
We know you like reading. So why not get join us to get more people in love with reading?

We would like to invite Kindle Fans to join us as promoters at the booth:

  1. You can join on daily basis, no need to commit to join for the whole event.
  2. Time: 10am to 10pm.
  3. Requires good command of English ( for the Big Bad Wolf event) and/or Chinese ( for the Chinese book fair)
  4. We will provide you with
    • allowance of RM100 per day
    • 2 unique Kindle Malaysia T shirt worth RM 140
    • adequate training so that you will know how to explain kindle better to potential kindle fans
  5. if you are interested, please email us at, or call us at 0124652232 to indicate the day of your availability. We shall discuss from there!