Last week, blogsphere and online news portals were blazing with news that Amazon was going to make big stride in some 170 countries by shipping Amazon Kindle direct. At the same time Amazon also announced that it is opening up it’s App Store to some 200 countries.

We the Kindle fans in Malaysia were also very excited with the development as this means that the Malaysians– after being sidelined for so long– are finally able to buy first class world products from Amazon. Hurrah!

But as we tried to order Kindle Fire and kindle Paperwhite from the Amazon store, we hit a stumbling block:


cannot buy kindle


It turned out that Amazon is not ready to ship to Malaysia, yet.

There is no news on when Kindle will be made available in Malaysia. So Kindle fans, keep your finger crossed.  In the mean time, you can still get kindle from The mission at is to allow Malaysians to buy Kindle painlessly without hassle, and we will make sure that you can still get a kindle from us, even though you can’t get it from Amazon.