Photos taken during April gathering

We had just successfully concluded our June edition of Kindle fan gathering on 9th June 2018, at our usual location, Starbucks Reserve, The Garden, MidValley.

Kindle Fan gathering is a gathering to bring together kindle fans, multimedia junkies and like-minded fellow humans into one coffee house, so that we can

  1. Buy kindles/Fire HD/Fire TV/echo spot and/or gift cards on the spot
  2. Update on the latest news for Kindle and Amazon
  3. Exchange ebooks with fellow kindle fans
  4. Share your experience of using kindle with other kindle fans
  5. Chat anything under the Sun with your fellow participants
  6. Or just come have a cup of free coffee!

We didn’t host our May gathering due to the GE14.

Usually the gathering will happen at the first Saturday of every month, but for this month, both of the cofounders are not around– Wee Khien went to Taman Negara with families, whereas Soon Hui went to Mulu National Park for a grueling 7 days 6 nights camping trip.

We are avid readers, but turning hobby into business is an entirely different matter: it might be the quickest way to destroy both the business and the passion. There are times when you are discouraged and you are unsure whether or how to proceed, there are times when you are just tired, and there are times when your business is going up and down….. all these don’t just take a toll on your wellbeing, they also affect to a certain extent how much more you can still enjoy your hobby.

But meeting fellow kindle fans in a setting like this is a good way to remind ourselves why we are here in the first place. Words can’t describe the joy we had when we delivered happiness– in the form of kindles and ebooks– to our kindle fans. Words can’t describe the satisfaction we derived when our kindle fans taught us new ways to utilize our kindle. And we are encouraged by the turnouts from time to time– the fact that there are readers who are willing to come on a weekend morning, sacrificing the time they have, just to read and share information with other fellow readers, simply warm our hearts.

For those who missed our gathering, don’t worry! We will still be here, at our usual place, every first Saturday of the month.

Till then, see you!