Big Bad Wolf, MITC, Ayeh Keroh, Melaka 2019

So here we are, at MITC, Ayer Keroh, Melaka, together with our beloved partner, Big Bad Wolf!

MITC building, the parking is free

We will be here from 10-20 October 2019, which means we have only 4 more days to go, do grab the chance to visit us.

Our booth
The Big Bad Wolf entrance
Explaining Kindle/Boox to interested fans

Going to Melaka ( once again) is kind of nostalgia for both of us ( Wee Khien and Soon Hui), because it was at MMU Melaka that we bumped into each other.

Coincidently, MITC is located very near to MMU, so it gave us the excuse to visit our university. After so many years, the university has changed in some parts, but there are still some recognizable remnants from the past…

Siti Hasmah library, the place where I ( SH) loved to camp on back then

We were roommates for one year back then.

See the tall building? That was the hostel that we stayed in last time
The hall that we spent our orientation week on. It’s the very first building that we stepped our foot on, after our hostel
The football field, where we spent countless happy evenings on
You may not believe it, but this un-fanciful building was where most of the tutorials/lectures were conducted on.

And it’s just like Yesterday Once More...