It is widely believed that there is no way to buy ebooks, apps, music etc outside US from Amazon. It must be a great shame and mystery as to why Amazon would like to forego the non-US market.

BUT we believe that we have found ways to buy books, apps and music  from Amazon App store for your Kindle fire. Yes, you can  access the rich Amazon ecosystem even though you are not residing in the US!

If you are interested to get free contents for your kindle fire from elsewhere, you can refer to the link here. This post only concerns with how to get contents from Amazon.

The trick here is to get your Amazon account to behave like a US account. Kindle Fire ( or any other Kindles) is just a gateway to access your content on Amazon cloud and Amazon– with the possible exception of video streaming– doesn’t honestly care where your device is. And you are not required to root your device whatsoever.

Here are the steps you can try, based on our experiments and on what other people has found out:

  1. Register a new Amazon account at using your email address.
  2. Only register with (1) US Cardholder Name, (2) US Credit card Number, (3) Exact Expiry Date, (4) US Billing Address and US Telephone Number. Go to to generate a copy of details above.
  3. If Amazon does NOT accept the first US billing address, simply regenerate another one and enter all new details.
  4. Do NOT register more than one address or more than one US credit card to this Amazon account. NEVER enter a Malaysian Credit Card.
  5. For your convenience, turn on 1-Click and set your payment method & preferred billing address in 1-Click Settings
  6. You are ready download free apps, free e-books, free magazines, free music because Amazon won’t check on your credit card until you really buy something that require cold, hard cash.

To purchase contents from Amazon Store to your Kindle, please bank in the amount required for Amazon Gift Card at USD1 per MYR3.2 exchange rate plus one-time RM20 fixed processing fee to our Maybank Account: 512884060975  (Quantum Gadgets Enterprise) and email the transaction slip to  for Amazon Gift card.

Please DO NOT use your Malaysian Credit Card & Malaysian Address to do ANYTHING in your Amazon Account to prevent it from being put on hold by Amazon.

That’s it! Via this way we manage to buy books, buy music, buy apps from Amazon App Store without using VPN. Good luck!

Here are some of the apps that are available on my Kindle fire, note that I download them from the Amazon cloud:


And if you definitely absolutely must get the streaming video to work because you have a Amazon Prime account, we have tips for you as well!